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Echoes from a quiet weekend

a marker

A proud kererÅ«, “a bittersweet stretch”, no idea what the time is.
Reeds and lilies. Forest path meditation at botanists’ pace.
Literal sanctuary, original instructions, all the blessings of the ancestors.
Soundless – or speechless, rather, the rain and birds remind me.



“Always, though, the real reason I go on a retreat is to find out what I am retreating from within myself”
– Julie Leibrich, Sanctuary: the discovery of wonder.


Be grateful for whoever comes,
because each has been sent
as a guide from beyond.


skeleton leaf

How compassion can never be a technique, but must be experienced as a feeling.

& how there’s no point in ‘should have’, because whatever’s been was and you’re just arguing with life.


(Thanks to Aio Wira
& to Rachel Tobin
& to Julie Leibrich)